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physics homework

por Barbara Galan (2016-11-15)

This work addresses the teaching-learning phenomenon, considering the three aspects of this process: the Learning-Teaching-Assessment trilogy. It deals with learning in the constructivist view, in... Ler mais

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por Dr Carlos Motta (2016-11-23)

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Teachers must test with extraordinary coaching techniques

por Jordan Lammon (2017-03-20)

Teachers must test with extraordinary coaching techniques and activities and show the results, now not most effective by the use of traditional exams but via cautiously paying attention to college... Ler mais

Improve Learning

por James moliver (2017-04-03)

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por sadri yok ercan (2017-04-09)

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University of London students.

por Essay Carin Harris (2017-04-18)

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Teaching and learning

por Edna Baron (2017-05-26)

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por Lydia Loftis (2017-05-27)

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